Art Opening! – Featuring the Art of Joseph Synn Kune Loh “Unlocking the Code” Friday May 12, 7pm – 9pm

Shavasana Gallery & Café is pleased to be hosting a beautiful selection of artist – Joseph Synn Kune Loh’s – paintings, which will go on exhibit at the Gallery May 12 and run through til June 11.

“Molecular Language” a 24″ x 24″ Acrylic on canvas, and “The Wall” a 16″ x 20″ Acrylic on Canvas

Joseph and his lovely partner Esnie Shum moved to Mayne Island just over a year ago and have become immersed in all that Mayne Island has to offer. This show exhibits 13 of Joseph’s paintings and gives a good indication of his talent and range of expression.

“Entering Mind Field” a 24″ x 36″ Acrylic on Canvas (sacred site activation, inspired by going to15 pyramids in Mexico), “Remove dagger be a compassionate vessel” a 12″ x 12″Acrylic on Canvas, “Celebration” a 30″ x 30″ Acrylic on Canvas (Beings from hidden dimensions reveal their form), “Changing Dimensions (1 & 2)” a 26″ x 41″ acrylic on paper, framed (the other page of reality), “The Golden Vision Reappears” a 36″ x 48″ Acrylic on Canvas (about a seeker’s journey going up the mountain meeting masters along the way)

Due to size restrictions at the Gallery we were unable to exhibit some of his larger pieces (see photos below) but I’m sure if you ask, he’d be happy to take you to his studio for a private viewing.

“The childhood dreams of mountains and streams a permanent possession“… 3″ x 5″ acrylic painting, and, Joseph and I standing in front of “Childhood Dreams of Mountains and Streams”, a 6″ x 12″ Acrylic Diptych

Here is a brief Bio about Joseph and his spiritual, creative & artistic journey:

“Joseph Loh was born in China in 1947. He grew up in Hong Kong and went to the United States to study in 1965. He graduated in 1969 with a BA in Psychology from  the  University of  Bridgeport in Connecticut. While studying for a MA degree in Cultural Psychology at Queen’s University, he went to Paris, fell in love with the art world and decided to become an artist. Returning to Toronto, he joined the Ontario College of Art and began life as a visual artist. His first solo exhibition was in 1978 with Merten Gallery in Toronto. His first public collection was with Norcen Energy Resource. What followed was forty years of dedicated pursuit of creative adventure. Along the way he had published a book of poetry, Journey to Camatkara, and a journal, Ping Pong, Parkinson’s and the Art of staying in the game. While travelling in Mexico around the millenium, he also composed and performed his own music and poetry.”

We are having an Opening Night Celebration of Joseph’s art on Friday May 12 from 7pm til 9pm. Please drop by for a chance to meet the artist and to see Joseph’s work up close. Refreshments will be served!😊

Shavasana Gallery & Café opening April 28, 29, 30

The sun is out, it feels like spring may have finally arrived, I’m heading to Mayne Island on Thursday and Tucker Carlson just got fired. Bliss.🤣

Yes, I’m heading over to Mayne this coming weekend to fire up the coffee pot, kick out the spiders, put out some cookies and maybe – hopefully – finally be able to put out my “nice weather chairs” for my outdoor-view craving friends & customers. Here’s my schedule for this weekend:

Friday April 28…..9am – 4pm

Saturday April 29……….9am – 4pm

Sunday April 30………..10:15 – 4

Hope to see you all there & then!🙏😊



Shavasana Gallery & Café opening April 7, 8, 9, 10

Hey 👋 – just preparing to re-open the Gallery/Café this coming weekend to participate in the Made on Mayne Spring Tour 2023 Event. The Southern Gulf Islands Arts Council has created this popular event and it’s a nice kick-off for the beginning of the busy season. Usually lots of happy people milling around looking at arts & crafts – what could be better! 😆

I will also be open holiday Monday…here are my hours for the weekend:

Friday 9 – 4

Saturday 9 – 4

Sunday 10:15 – 4

Monday 9 – 4

Hope to see you then – Cheers!


The Accidental Curator – Episode 15 – The Astrologer by Joseph Synn Kune Loh & Transient Epileptic Amnesia by G. Bathgate

Two stories, or memoirs, today – Joseph Synn Kune Loh’s short story “The Astrologer”, and Transient Epileptic Amnesia by – G. Bathgate…one is a young man’s encounter at a New Age Conference in Montreal, and the other is one more good reason why you should avoid a life of excess😊

To listen to the Podcast, follow the link:

Shavasana Gallery & Café – opening March 17 – 19

Just letting you all know that I will be opening the Gallery Café this coming Friday March 17 through Sunday March 19.

I just finished my taxes this morning and am in dire need of some therapeutic “island time.”😊

I also left a new mask, half-finished, when I was over earlier this month – keeping fresh in the fridge – and need to return and complete it before the clay hardens and dries out. I’m including a couple of photos of “Full Buck Moon – Version 3” to give you an idea of what the new mask will look like.

Hope some of you can drop in and say hi while I’m over!



*During my off season – roughly November through April – I do use Shavasana Gallery as

Shavasana Gallery & Café will be open Thur. Feb 9 to Sun. Feb 12.

Just a quick note to let you all know that Shavasana Gallery & Café will be open this coming weekend. I’m changing my normal hours slightly and will be starting on Thursday 9 – 4, giving me one more day on the blessed rock.😊


Thursday 9 – 4

Friday 9 – 4

Saturday 9 – 4

Sunday 10:15 – 4

I know that the picture I’ve attached looks a little “Christmassy” but I think it’s a great cozy rendition of Shavasana in Winter –

Hope to see you – cheers!


The Accidental Curator – Episode 14 – “The Blüthner”

This story originated as a Blog on this website, from Feb 6, 2020

“After receiving a 100 year old Blüthner piano, I became fascinated with its long journey to Mayne Island and Shavasana Gallery. Here is a story of how to sleuth the wandering path of an “accidental” piano.” (to watch a 5 minute compilation video which I made called “11 Pieces for the Blüthner” go here: )

To listen to the Podcast, go here:

“No Room at the Café”… a Christmas Story

It was the last few minutes, of the last day, of the final weekend of my Fall/Winter season, before I closed up Shavasana Gallery & Café for the year.

On this particular day – unlike all the others – I was shutting down an hour early, at 3 o’clock, to give myself enough time to do a detailed cleaning of the Gallery in anticipation of hosting my family there the following weekend, for Christmas dinner. It was Sunday Dec. 18, the first day of Hanukkah, exactly a week before Christmas, and I could see a light snow falling through the steamy single pane windows. The few customers I had left were fine with an earlier closing, except for my neighbour Billie who had just sat down to a plate of cookies and a Brown Betty teapot full of English Breakfast & Mint. “Don’t worry Billie, you’ve got a pot of tea there”, I said, “you can hang out while I do some cleaning”. After all, it was “Island Time”, the loose rules and flexible schedules that seem to govern any notion of time on the Gulf Islands. Billie could sip and nibble and chat while I dusted, swept and mopped. I brought in my roadside sandwich board, and my Easel Signage, and put up my “Closed” sign to dissuade any latecomers.

As the light began to wane, and the flurry of snow gathered pace, Billie noticed, out of the corner of her eye, a couple walking towards the front door and said, “Oh oh…here come some people, I’ll tell them you’re closed.” She got off her chair, opened the door and said, “Sorry, the café is closed for the day.” I couldn’t see who it was outside but I could almost feel their dismay at being turned away. Realizing that I still had a supply of hot coffee in the Zojirushi, and lots of hot water on hand for tea, and the ever-present supply of cookies, I said, “Hang on there a sec Billie, maybe they’d like a hot beverage to go” I went to the door and greeted a 30ish couple – dusted in snow – and invited them in, explaining that I was indeed closing down but could set them up with a hot coffee or tea – if they liked.

Thrilled to be invited into a warm space with the prospect of a hot drink, they joined us inside, expressing thanks and gratitude for not having been turned away. They had no car and – despite the weather – were on a walking adventure around Mayne, cherishing a chance to get away from the city and unwind a bit. I would soon find out how far they had come to unwind.

Shavasana Gallery was the third place they’d gone that was either closed or shutting down – an unfamiliar experience for a young urban couple having their first foray to a Gulf Island. As I prepared a couple of hot chocolates for them, Billie decided to pay up and go so I wished her a Merry Christmas and gave her a little hug as I was unlikely to see her when I returned the following week.

While I stirred their hot chocolates and chatted with them about a myriad of things, I could detect accents that I was unable to place, so, as is my nature I asked where they were from. “Kazakhstan”, replied the young woman, “And Ukraine” replied the young man. “Wow”, I said, “I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone from Kazakhstan, very nice to meet you”,…”and Ukraine”, I said, momentarily at an, uncharacteristic, loss for words. Although I have known Ukrainians, and had Canadians of Ukrainian descent as friends all my life, I don’t think I have been in the presence of a Ukrainian since the horrible invasion of their country began earlier this year. All that I could do was place my hand over my heart and express my profound sympathy, support and compassion for the suffering that he and his fellow Ukrainians have been going through…”I’m so sorry for what has been happening to Ukraine since the invasion” I said, “how are you doing?” “I am doing OK thanks”, he said, “I’ve been in Canada for a while now, and have recently managed to bring my family over – so for this I am happy” he said, smiling

I can only try and imagine his relief.

“Even though Mayne Island is far away from the war in Ukraine,” I said, “the people here do care and try and help where we can.” I drew his attention to a book by Julie Emerson which I had on display for sale on the main table. “Julie created this book of stories and illustrations – all about Ukraine – and we are donating 100% of the sales to Ukraine Relief efforts.” He picked one up and flipped through it, admiring Julie’s work. “And another one of my artists, Famous Empty Sky, donated 10% of all sales of her art to Ukraine Relief …I think we raised several hundred dollars”. “That is wonderful,” he said, “every little bit helps…”

As I was handing them their hot chocolates and preparing to send them on their way – back out into the snow and gathering dusk – I found myself hit by a case of “the feels”. “Can I give you a hug?” I asked, “Yes, of course,” he said, smiling, arms outstretched. As we embraced, his lovely Kazakhstani wife – smiling broadly – opened her arms and said, “Me too!” As a hugger, it doesn’t take much convincing for me to hug everyone in a room. I gave her a big hug, shook both their hands and wished them all the best for a peaceful, gentler 2023….and said goodbye.

Here’s hoping and praying, that all of our wishes for Peace in Ukraine 2023 come true.

Merry Christmas!

The Accidental Curator – Episode 13 – ”Why Don’t You Just Kill Rambo?”

“We laughed…we cried…we moved. Listen to one family’s journey through dog-barking hell”…October 25, 2022

I should probably be out shovelling snow or Christmas shopping, but I feel compelled to finish posting the last of my Podcasts on this site and on my Clay and Bone website: I’ve only got three left until I’m all caught up, so I’ve put on my heavy winter gear and trudged through the snow-clogged streets to my local Starbucks to complete the task. As I’ve got this process down to a fine art, it’s not terribly difficult, just a little time consuming, which – on this snowy December 20th in Vancouver – seems in short supply. Here’s the Podcast:


Merry Christmas!


The Accidental Curator – Episode 12 – The Armed Robbery

“A casual Friday night pursuit of pubs and pals in Ottawa turns into an unexpected apprehension of an armed robbery in process” August 16, 2022

I should probably be out shovelling snow or Christmas shopping, but I feel compelled to finish posting the last of my Podcasts on this site and on my Clay and Bone website: I’ve only got three left until I’m all caught up, so I’ve put on my heavy winter gear and trudged through the snow-clogged streets to my local Starbucks to complete the task. As I’ve got this process down to a fine art, it’s not terribly difficult, just a little time consuming, which – on this snowy December 20th in Vancouver – seems in short supply. Here’s the Podcast:

Merry Christmas!