Seasons Greetings from Shavasana Gallery & Café

It’s December 23rd…a few days before Christmas and I’m sitting here at my home office desk in Kitsilano. It’s been a couple of months since I’ve posted anything on my business website and subsequent shares on social media so it seemed like a good time for a little seasonal update.

As those of you on Mayne Island are quite aware, I am still closed – as my signage will attest – and fully intend to remain so until we all get more of a “green light” to comfortably return to some form of pre-pandemic behaviour (being purposely vague here 🙂 ) As I don’t live full-time on Mayne my own situation is a little more compromised than that of other full-time residents & shopkeepers. My eagerness to travel to Mayne on a weekly basis to run Shavasana Gallery & Café has pretty much been put on hold as I follow the provincial travel restrictions and the request from Dr. Losier to “Not visit Mayne unless it’s absolutely essential”. Now, I know there are some of you who’d say, “Having a coffee and looking at art is essential”, and of course I’d agree with you, but powers greater than I forbid it 🙂 .

Last time I came over to Mayne in early December (I pretty much bring all my own food and isolate within the Gallery – so I can have a coffee and look at art 🙂 ) I picked up my van and brought it back to the city so I can avoid public transport & stay in my car on the ferry for future trips. Anyways, without getting into the minutiae of my activities, here are a couple of photos of my exciting life.

A 20 minute wait to get into The Parthenon, my neighbourhood deli ; The Hummingbird feeder that provides company and amusement in my Covid-Islolated world…in this instance, covered with 4 or 5 tiny house wrens who also seem to enjoy sugar water; Cathy and I in front of our newly-decorated tree…it’ll be just the three of us this year, and perhaps a Zoom Family Xmas.

Wishing you all the best for a lovely Christmas and a healthy & happy 2021! ❤