Shavasana Gallery & Café opening April 28, 29, 30

The sun is out, it feels like spring may have finally arrived, I’m heading to Mayne Island on Thursday and Tucker Carlson just got fired. Bliss.🤣

Yes, I’m heading over to Mayne this coming weekend to fire up the coffee pot, kick out the spiders, put out some cookies and maybe – hopefully – finally be able to put out my “nice weather chairs” for my outdoor-view craving friends & customers. Here’s my schedule for this weekend:

Friday April 28…..9am – 4pm

Saturday April 29……….9am – 4pm

Sunday April 30………..10:15 – 4

Hope to see you all there & then!🙏😊



Shavasana Gallery & Café opening April 7, 8, 9, 10

Hey 👋 – just preparing to re-open the Gallery/Café this coming weekend to participate in the Made on Mayne Spring Tour 2023 Event. The Southern Gulf Islands Arts Council has created this popular event and it’s a nice kick-off for the beginning of the busy season. Usually lots of happy people milling around looking at arts & crafts – what could be better! 😆

I will also be open holiday Monday…here are my hours for the weekend:

Friday 9 – 4

Saturday 9 – 4

Sunday 10:15 – 4

Monday 9 – 4

Hope to see you then – Cheers!