If you want to go to Mayne Island, you have to go Downtown

As many of you who frequent Shavasana Gallery on Mayne Island are likely aware, when I am coming to open up, usually Thursday thru Sunday, I commute from Vancouver to get there, and most often as a foot passenger, taking a series of buses, subways, more buses, the ferry (of course) and my trusty ’97 GMC Safari, waiting for me patiently at overflow parking on Mayne. It’s generally a pleasant trip and over the years I have come to appreciate public transit as a place of stress-free travel (no white-knuckling on the freeway), where I can “veg out” with my cell phone, do a little work, communicate with friends, maybe learn something, stare out the window or observe the other commuters who share this journey with me.

For years, this trip would plop me onto the Broadway B-Line Bus from Alma to Cambie so I could catch the Canada Line at Broadway/City Hall Station for the zippy short trip to Bridgeport….no longer. The construction which has descended on Broadway in preparation for the new Subway corridor has made that portion of the trip unpredictable, unsightly and unpleasant – hence, Downtown.

It occurred to me recently that I could avoid all the noises, chaos and delays of Broadway by easily going downtown and catching the Subway at the corner of Georgia and Granville, with no time lost – problem solved – here are a few pics of what I now see on my trip to Mayne Island.

And incidentally, I will be open this coming Victoria Day Long Weekend, as follows: Fri. 9 – 4, Sat. 9 – 4, Sun. 10:30 – 4, Mon. 9 – 4 – hope to see you then!

Shavasana Gallery & Café – Hours of Operation for May

Spring definitely seems to be taking its time to kick-in this year. Lots of false starts, with days that feel warm, sunny & encouraging only to be squelched by new rounds of grey skies, rain and cold – which is exactly where we are at as I write this entry on May 2, from my home office in Kitsilano. Maybe I should just lose my expectations and anticipations of “gardening weather”, and let nature do its thing to avoid disappointment.

The “Made on Mayne” event, which ran Easter Weekend was fabulous and one of my busiest weekends ever. We opened a show for Famous Empty Sky, called her “In Isolation Series”, which showcased her beautiful array of new collage-works – this exhibit should be up and running throughout May & possibly longer (except for the pieces we sold! 😆) I’m not sure where she gets her energy but Famous Empty Sky also baked 8 dozen cupcakes (as shown) to be handed out to grateful guests. We were also treated to some lovely jamming by her husband Jim Heshedahl and friends (Rodger Cove (Hrothgar Jackson), Kurt Dahl, & Brendan Brown)…here are our hours for May:

Friday 6 – 9am-4pm

Saturday 7 – 9am – 4pm

Sunday 8 – 10:30pm – 4pm

Friday 20 – 9am – 4pm

Saturday 21 – 9am – 4pm

Sunday 22 – 10:30am – 4pm

Monday 23 – 9am – 4pm

Hope to see you all then 🙏❤️