The Accidental Curator – Episode 11 – ”Tonight Fascism Will Die” (Apopse tha Pethanei o Fasismos!)

“A personal account of the Student Uprising in Athens, November 1973, which led to the overthrow of George Papadopolous and – ultimately – the return of Democracy” – May 27, 2022

I should probably be out shovelling snow or Christmas shopping, but I feel compelled to finish posting the last of my Podcasts on this site and on my Clay and Bone website. I’ve only got three left until I’m all caught up, so I’ve put on my heavy winter gear and trudged through the snow-clogged streets to my local Starbucks to complete the task. As I’ve got this process down to a fine art, it’s not terribly difficult, just a little time consuming, which – on this snowy December 20th in Vancouver – seems in short supply. Here’s the Podcast:


Merry Christmas!🙏😊


Shavasana Gallery & Café Christmas hours

Shavasana Gallery & Café will be re-opening this coming Thursday December 15, Friday, Saturday & Sunday the 18th for it’s last pre-Christmas showing before closing for the Christmas break.

Come on down and check out the fabulous collage work by Famous Empty Sky, paintings by Bill Maylone, carvings by Wayne Thomas, and ceramic masks by myself (George Bathgate), plus a great selection of cards by local artists: Famous Empty Sky, Stephen Cropper, Linda Dzus, Deborah Strong and Toby Snelgrove.

We also have a beautiful selection of Necklaces, bracelets, bangles and Earrings by regional and out-of-country artisans, as well as an eclectic selection of antiques, curios, and additional local crafts.

Shavasana Café is also a sweet spot to come and have a cup of what is arguably the best coffee on Mayne Island and a baked goodie, or a cup of tea from Mayne’s best tea selection (please correct me if I’m wrong on this! 😊)

…and, for those that have been pining since they disappeared from the menu several months ago…the Raspberry Crumble Cookie and Mini-Cinnamon Bun are back!

Shavasana Gallery & Café – Opening Dec. 2, 3, & 4

I’m intending to re-open Shavasana Gallery/Café for a few days this coming weekend – Dec. 2, 3, & 4 with my usual hours of 9 – 4 Friday & Saturday and 10:15 – 4 Sunday….there’s a possibility of staying open an extra day – Monday – if weather permits.

As I write this it is snowing in Kitsilano and the forecast seems to be changing hourly with regards to the amount and timing of the coming snowfalls. Because I divide my time between here and Mayne, my plans can change with where and when and how much snow is in the forecast – but I’ll do my best….because I’m jonesing for a little MI time😊

….although, my little menagerie of neighbourhood birds will miss their daily supply of seeds & sugar water!

Hope to see you all soon!



The Accidental Curator – Episode 9 – New Year’s Eve 1973 – Peshawar, Pakistan

“Five young long-haired western kids following the “Hippie Trail” from Istanbul to India in 1973..stop in Peshawar, Pakistan to celebrate New Year’s” – January 23, 2022

Episode 9 of The Accidental Curator now posted on Shavasana Art Gallery & Café & Clay and Bone…only 4 more episodes to post before I am up to date! 👍



The Accidental Curator – Episode 8 – The Drunk, The Blind Man, The Ukulele Player

I’m sitting at PureBread Café in Kitsilano on November 20, 2022 – a full year since I created this Podcast – and just carrying on with my plan to transfer all of my Podcasts onto my Shavasana Gallery website and my Clay and Bone site: . It’s not a terribly difficult process, very cut and paste, but, as in many things I do online, I’m only vaguely – if not at all – aware of this reaching anyone or having any grand significance. Actually, as to “grand significance” I think it’s safe to say there is none…but I still feel compelled to continue. If you haven’t already listened to this recording, give it a shot, I think it’s a fun one…😊

“If you run a Gallery Café, anyone can walk through your doors…if it’s on a small island without police anything can happen – November 10, 2021”



The Accidental Curator – Episode 7 – The Three Injuries – A Story

A series of unfortunate events…if you believe bad luck happens in threes you suffer from Triaphilia, but we’ve all been there. Here’s a short story called, “The Three Injuries” – May 28, 2021

Slowly re-posting all of my Stories and Interviews from my Podcast onto my Shavasana Website and onto my creative site, Clay and Bone



The Accidental Curator – Episode 6 – Terrill Welch – Interview

An interview with internationally acclaimed Contemporary Impressionist painter Terrill Welch – April 20. 2021

Slowly re-posting all of my Stories and Interviews on my Shavasana Gallery website and on my creative space – Clay and Bone



Re-Opening Remembrance Day Weekend

Shavasana Gallery & Café is participating in the annual November Art/Studio Tour which this year has expanded to include all things “Made on Mayne”. The show is running from Friday November 11th until Saturday the 13th 12 – 4. Gallery hours will be slightly expanded as follows: Friday 9 – 4, Saturday 9 – 4, Sunday 10:15 – 4, and Monday 9 – 4. Made on Mayne is a fabulous way to check out all the local talent that Mayne has to offer, and have a peek into various studios that may not be open otherwise.

Shavasana Gallery will be showcasing art by local artists Famous Empty Sky, Bill Maylone and Wayne Thomas as well as Art Prints & Cards by Stephen Cropper, Deborah Strong, Toby Snelgrove, Linda Dzus and a collection of ceramic masks by…yours truly.😊We also have a number of antiques and curios and a beautiful selection of regionally made jewellery by various artisans.

Please come on by to check out the art or to stop in for a coffee or tea and say hello – it would be great to see you! 🙏😊