Shavasana Gallery & Café – opening March 17 – 19

Just letting you all know that I will be opening the Gallery Café this coming Friday March 17 through Sunday March 19.

I just finished my taxes this morning and am in dire need of some therapeutic “island time.”😊

I also left a new mask, half-finished, when I was over earlier this month – keeping fresh in the fridge – and need to return and complete it before the clay hardens and dries out. I’m including a couple of photos of “Full Buck Moon – Version 3” to give you an idea of what the new mask will look like.

Hope some of you can drop in and say hi while I’m over!



*During my off season – roughly November through April – I do use Shavasana Gallery as

2 thoughts on “Shavasana Gallery & Café – opening March 17 – 19

  1. George, the mask is stunning!
    We’re planning a visit to Shavasana in September… any chance you’ll be there?
    Is there a B&B on Mayne?


  2. Thanks Stephen! Ha ha! If you’re visiting Shavasana – I’ll be there, no matter where I am😆…and yes, Many AirBnB’s on Mayne, there’s even rustic accommodation on the same property as Shavasana (two waterfront cottages, great views)…I look forward to you guys coming out – let’s talk!


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