Shavasana Art Gallery & Café – early days

I’m sitting in my Gallery on a drizzly & cold November afternoon, almost 3 years to the day since I opened this business to the public here on Mayne Island B.C. It’s Sunday and I am just about to wrap up for the weekend & get ready to head back to Vancouver tomorrow as I have done every week for these past three years. It’s been a great weekend. I hosted the fourth of my Gallery Art Openings on Friday the 11th (Remembrance Day),  showcasing the art of two artists – Trish Mitchell and Angie Carson (Liudzius). We had a great turnout and I think it was a successful show for my artists and a fun event for the crowd (great food, beautiful art and happy engaging people).

I’ve been working on this new website for the Gallery (not to be confused with the website I’ve recently created for my masks: ) for the past several months, feeling that a move away from my early GoDaddy inspired site towards this current WordPress format would more easily allow me to chronicle some of the cool things that go on here.

I’ve also recently created a YouTube Channel which is making it easier to post some of the videos I’ve taken since I arrived on Mayne Island. This first video was taken in June 2013 before I’d signed my lease on the space. It’s a walk through of – what had been – Nan’s hair salon, know locally as Mayne Cuts….post Nan but pre-reno. At this stage I wasn’t even sure what kind of business I was going to be running, but I’d already fallen in love with the island, the location and this little cottage which would eventually evolve into Shavasana Art Gallery & Café …have a look:

One thought on “Shavasana Art Gallery & Café – early days

  1. Absolutely loved reading about this adventure. Gives me profound insight on the nature of such an undertaking. May George and his Shavasana live long and prosper.


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