Shavasana Gallery & Café Update – May 21/21

Like most of you (I imagine) I have spent a good part of the last 14 months of this pandemic in anticipation of a “return to normalcy”, caught somewhere between hope for an end to masks and sanitizers and distancing, and disappointment when the finish line keeps getting moved farther down the field. As of this writing 50% of Canadian adults have received their vaccinations and this seems to be reflected in ever-diminishing numbers of cases and deaths. We seem to be heading in the right direction and for this reason I am more optimistic now about re-opening Shavasana Gallery & Café than I have been since March of 2020 when this ordeal began in earnest.

Most Mayne Islanders have received the first installment of their Pfizer/Moderna or AstraZenica shot and I received mine in late April. This provides some level of confidence as we slowly roll back the personal and collective restrictions that we have all been facing. I did come over to Mayne for 3 days this week – after a 2 month absence – for some much-needed (and essential )attention to the state of my business & surrounding grounds. It was 3 days of cleaning, organizing, mowing and weedwacking which really hadn’t been done since June of 2020. In some places the grass was up to my waist…and I’m not short.😆 On these very infrequent trips that I have made over the past 14 months, I always bring my own supplies and basically remain onsite to minimize my contact with others. I look forward to the day when this furtive and isolated behaviour is behind us.

Even 3 or 4 months ago my guesstimate for re-opening was May…but that’s obviously not happening. My sense now is that all of us will feel more comfortable to completely re-engage with the world when we have had our second shot and when the regional numbers show a significant decline. Although we were initially told that the second round of vaccinations might be 4 months away, I’ve heard rumours that additional shipments of vaccine may reduce that to 2 months…or roughly late June, early July.

So, all that being said, I’ve got my sights set on a possible July re-opening. Hopefully, immunity will come with Cafés being allowed, once again, to have inside seating, and the opportunity to finally ditch the masks & hand sanitizers. I’ll keep you posted with a further announcement as we approach that long-anticipated day🙏😷

I miss you all! Hope to see you in person soon🙏❤️



(I don’t know who took this photo, but she/he sent it to my pal Jordy in Vancouver as I was having coffee with him because “she knew he knew me”…small world synchronicity 🙏)

4 thoughts on “Shavasana Gallery & Café Update – May 21/21

  1. Hi George,
    The market opened this weekend and there were lots of people. I also thought that the provincial government was allowing indoor dining starting Tuesday. So I respect that you are not wanting to cause undue stress but I feel you might be more cautious then many. Maybe you could take a casual survey on Facebook to see who would be interested in coming.
    Anyway I look forward to your return whenever that happens.


    1. Hi Vicki! Yes, I just heard about the restaurant openings. I think the most important thing though, is if the government lifts restrictions on travel between health districts. I’m in the Coastal Health district (Vancouver) and Mayne is part of Island Health. Keeping a close eye on things and speaking with a few island friends about the situation there. It’s all moving in the right direction!👍 Hope to see you soon🙏 xo George



    1. Ha Ha! Thanks Gin! Just read the new BC guidelines yesterday and things are looking good for a July 1 opening (approximately)…regional travel restrictions are lifting and we’ll soon be able to ditch the masks …so, if all goes well I hope to see your smiling face sooooooooooooon!😆❤️


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