Previous Exhibit – Linda Dzus & Abbey Manellis – March 31 – May 7/2017

Local Artist Linda Dzus and her good friend Abbey Blair-Brown from Tsawwassen are sharing this months spotlight here at Shavasana Art Gallery & Café. Linda and Abbey have been friend for over 20 years and decided several months ago to combine forces and exhibit their talents here at the gallery. The show is called “Halos, Landscapes Mud & Stone”.


Linda is a photographer and has mounted a fabulous series of prints that reflect the natural beauty of Mayne Island. She is also exhibiting a series of whimsical yet realistic paintings of local fauna on various sized beach rocks. Abbey has produced a gorgeous series of paintings, ceramic plates, bowls and figurines that focus primarily on the female form with iconic inclusion of bird imagery, text, flowers and colourful patterns to evoke – in her own words – “a sense of humility”…here is a short video walkthrough to give you a better idea:

The opening on Friday March 31 was a lively and  fun evening of art, delicious snacks (catered by Astrid) and good conversation…the show runs until May 7.

5 thoughts on “Previous Exhibit – Linda Dzus & Abbey Manellis – March 31 – May 7/2017

  1. Hi, I’m trying to locate the sculptures of women made by Abbey Blair-Brown to purchase. We stayed at West End B&B and I wanted to purchase her artwork there. Of course they could not sell it.
    Please advise where I can purchase her art.
    My email is:
    We live in South Florida. I see her art on your video and am so excited I found her here!! Please respond. I’m looking forward hearing from you.
    Thank you,


    1. Hi Shelby! Thanks for contacting Shavasana Gallery in regards to Abbey Blair-Browns artwork – I’m glad you were able to track her down through my website…it gives me pleasure to know that my record of previous shows has been noticed! It makes all the effort worthwhile if it helps artists and interested collectors connect 🙂 I will forward your message and email to Abbey Directly and let her follow up with you – if I can be of any further help, please let me know – cheers!


  2. Hi
    I still have not heard from Abbey-Blair Brown in regarding some art sculptures I would like to purchase. Has she received my message? Please ad advise.
    Thank you.
    Shelby Taflin


    1. Hi Shelby!

      I just communicated with Abbey and she apologizes but it seems that her reply to you via email went into her drafts folder. She is trying again and hopefully this glitch will be resolved. Feel free to contact me if there are further problems (at least we know that this connection works! 🙂

      Hopefully all will be resolved to your satisfaction soon! 🙂

      George Bathgate
      Shavasana Gallery & Café
      Mayne Island, BC


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